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Sea Cliff


Next Seeds of Faith selection: A Woman of Words 
A Woman of Words (Jerusalem Road)
Join us for a discussion on Saturday, April 16th at 1:00- 3:00 pm. 
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Congregational Church

Our next read will also be A Woman of Words by Angela Hunt

We will meet Sunday, April 31st at 11:15 am. We will also meet by Zoom link.

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Enjoy the book!


Lake Ronkonkoma

Coming soon

Date to be announced
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Daughters of Abraham

We look forward to our next Zoom call on March 17th at 7PM.

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Women at the Well

For info please call:
Congregational Church in Manhasset and ask for Rev. Lori Burgess

1845 Northern Boulevard, Manhasset, NY 11030
516 627-4911


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Whether it is creating a seminar, guest preaching or Biblical Storytelling, it is a joy to share God’s word. I have been a certified lay speaker for over 20 years.

Biblical Story Telling: Bringing the Word to Life

Being a member of Network of Biblical Story Tellers International has opened up so many ways for me to witness. What I love about it is understanding and learning the stories by heart. We discover what was happening during that story, why are some points really important to bring out? I have had the humbling experience to tell the Resurrection Story and a woman who was 70 years old said, “I have heard this story read to me my whole life, today I really heard it for the first time.” We all love stories no matter how old we are, bringing our Bible stories to life is a joy for me and my husband.

Both my husband, Roger Hill, and I have been telling Bible stories for over 20 years. We also created a Lenten series to have church members learn and then tell the stories in church of Jesus washing the feet of the disciples and the Resurrection story.

To learn more about Network of Biblical Story Telling International

This year’s virtual event is July 30-31st and the theme is God’s Story: It’s ours for the telling.


Lisa's background from her International Business and Marketing life, certified lay-speaker and Biblical story teller will be and inspiration for your group. Here are what others have said:

“I have asked Lisa to preach for me while I am on vacation. Her biblical storytelling brings the Bible to life and her sermons leave my congregation with something they are inspired by. I always get rave reviews on my return.” Reverend Dr. Constance Pak

“Lisa brings an energy and a vitality to her ministry that inspires others. From creative Biblical story - telling to nurturing meaningful conversation with small groups, Lisa’s gifts touch people of all ages.” Reverend Lori Burgess

Watch Roger and Lisa sharing their thoughts on the 23rd Psalm during this time of anxiety and angst with the Corona Virus. He restores my soul.


I look forward to working with you.

Have a suggestion or a question, please submit here. If you are interested in having Lisa speak at your event or worship service, please add details below and she will get back to discuss further.

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Lisa Larsen Hill, Fredda Klopfer, Mojdeh Hassani



Our Mission for Daughters of Abraham is to learn from each other’s faith and values and how it effects our lives. We will more fully understand each other’s faith journeys and be inspired by our commonalities of faith and learn and celebrate our differences. By sharing our faith stories, we will garner respect and mutual trust. We will look for ways to cooperate with our neighbor.


What participants have said about Daughters of Abraham:

“There are not many places where we share even among our own tradition, loved hearing the diverse stories, opinion and beliefs of everyone.”

“So grateful for your courage and openness and generosity.”

“Very invigorating and inspiring.”

“Love to hear opinions and beliefs from individuals and how they practice their faith.”

“I loved hearing other’s stories. What their religion brings to them personally and how it effects their daily life.”

“We need this today; we need to know we are more alike than different.” 

People are talking about Tessa Afshar’s retreat!

We had a wonderful turn out and again Tessa was an amazing speaker with many comments...

“So sincere, Tessa speaks from the heart.”

“Tessa’s presentations very thought provoking.”

“Surpassed my expectations. Her presentation was so natural, inspiring and informative.”

Tessa Afshar is an award-winning author of historical and biblical fiction. Her novel, Land of Silence, was voted by Library Journal as one of five top Christian Fiction titles of 2016, and nominated for the 2016 RT Reviewer’s Choice Award for best Inspirational Romance.

Harvest of Gold won the prestigious 2014 Christy Award in the Historical Romance category.

Her book, Harvest of Rubies, was a finalist for the 2013 ECPA Book Award in the fiction category.

Her first novel, Pearl in the Sand, won her “New Author of the Year” by the Family Fiction sponsored Reader’s Choice Awards 2011.

Tessa was born in Iran and lived there for the first fourteen years of her life. She moved to England where she survived boarding school for girls and fell in love with Jane Austen and Charlotte Bronte, before moving to the United States permanently. Her conversion to Christianity in her twenties changed the course of her life forever. Tessa holds an MDiv from Yale University where she served as co-chair of the Evangelical Fellowship at the Divinity School. She serves on the staff of one of the oldest churches in America. To see all of Tessa’s books and awards go to

Here is a short clip from Tessa at her last retreat. Listen how effective she is in her message to us!

Also, watch a short clip where Lisa is telling a terrific little story about the Daughters of Zelophehad from the book of Numbers in the Old Testament. This changed the course of history for inheritance for women!


What attendees are saying about Tessa’s presentations:

We were blessed to have such an amazing speaker lead us in May in two very effective and meaningful sessions. Not only can Tessa move you with her award winning writing but she can surround you with thoughts and ideas to further your faith journey.

Three things you left the presentation with...
Inspiration, encouragement, and fellowship
A deeper understanding of Bible stories, how much God loves me, deeper connection with new friends
Hope, a better perspective on life, patience

What did you like most?
Everything, loved it all
Sharing our thoughts
Tessa two sessions and Lisa’s biblical storytelling
Speakers were mesmerizing

100% meet and exceeded expectation


 “Tessa is an engaging and inspirational speaker . . . She is passionate about sharing God’s love and Word with others and her stories will fill you with laughter and tears.”
Gail Soderstrom, Christ Chapel, Connecticut

“Tessa is a gentle and nurturing soul and hearing her speak is like a mini-Sabbath, a moment of grace and restoration in the Spirit.”
Frank Peretti, New York Times best-selling author

About Seeds of Faith FOR WOMEN

Seeds of Faith for Women creates a safe and caring atmosphere where women can discuss their thoughts and questions building trust to share their own personal stories. Seeds of Faith for Women enhances women’s knowledge to examine and explore their faith commitment.

Seeds of Faith for Women, Inc. is non-denominational and ecumenical. Seeds of Faith for Women is a Nonprofit 501c 3 Foundation.